Anafi, Greece

Anafi is located at the southeastern edge of the Cyclades island complex. According to mythology, the island was given the name Anafi because it emerged from the depths of the sea to give refuge to the Argonauts from a bad storm. Anafi is very much an island for walking. Through the old paths and around the steep hills, you could walk to the other side of the island. The picturesque beach of Kleisidi with its few scattered homes, and the exotic beaches of Katsouni, Mikros and Megalos Roukounas, Megas Potamos, Aghioi Anargyroi, Prassies. The rough peninsula of Kalamos, with the old Kalamiotissa Monastery at its peak. Visitors will fall permanently in love with the unique landscape and the wonderful hospitality offered by the friendly islanders.

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